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Slam book like, the book ‘main_______________hoon’ was created during the residency Equilibrium by Sandarbh in 2014. It is a compilation of conversations I had with the women I met in the villages of Banswada district. The two key components that the book addresses are –it is about specific people –Bhuri, Kachri, Babbu, Sangeeta,Bhagwati & Lakshmi and not just women from rural parts of India as a homogenous group. It doesn’t cover a huge number of them which can be of statistical importance especially when we think of a book. Rather, it reiterates the attention, intimacy and candidness we share when we interact and spend time with someone. In fact, artist book as a medium seemed perfectly suitable for this kind of chronicling. Secondly, the book explores the idea of knowing someone through their day to day stories, experiences, the food they eat, what they do in their free time, likes-dislikes, desires, dreams & aspirations; through their understanding of the world around them. It reflects on the ways we want to know someone and what it would be to think of a person beyond the conventional markers of identity like caste, colour, religion, education, occupation or profession.