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Excerpts from the book:


Hello, I am Kachri, the little mermaid.


No…no…no, please don’t laugh at my name. I was born near garbage in the sea. That’s why my parents named me Kachri. … Not only my name; even I am a bit different from some of the other mermaids. …

Kachri’s story looks at stereotypes and questions the notion of representation reflected in vast disparity in the images consumed from mass media and the reality around us. By bringing in a different perspective, the story tries to subvert canonical understanding of concepts and ideas and images normalised by popular culture. The illustrations are heavily inspired by drawings of children who attended the little mermaid workshops. In some cases, their drawings have been used directly.  Either hand drawn or made of paper cut outs, the illustrations and the text were digitally put together into a two-way storybook. On one side, the story of Kachri unfolds while the other side is a colouring book where a new mermaid story can be created.