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For the Love of Art, a year-long course for children in their primary & middle years in school was developed in collaboration with the Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) in 2017. The course offered an opportunity to young learners to engage with modern and contemporary art of India. The monthly workshops provided a detail view of a diverse range of art works, the medium and methods used by contemporary artists. Using exhibitions in art galleries, museum exhibits and examples from books, catalogue and material available online, it encouraged the participants to experience art at a leisurely pace, have a closer look, interpret in their own ways and ask questions about it. In every session, they created an artwork of their own taking cues from the art and artists discussed. The course culminated in an art exhibition of the children’s work at FICA and a workshop for art educators. It also examined effective practices and their possibilities in art curriculum and education in schools. Practiced throughout the course of the workshop, these observations were also included in the teacher’s handbook titled For the Love of Art along with the different modules on contemporary artists and art activities. Art educators can try some of these in their art classes. The book and the resource material are available online at .

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