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An intervention in the library space, it explores the nature of imposition thwarted on our thinking. A commentary on accessibility, the shaping of thought and the transformation of familiar spaces, it imposes ‘homogeneity’ by covering the entire library collection with newspaper. Will the illegibility help the reader device new methods or approaches to access the library? Will they think of initiating from anywhere? Some may read the cover and not the book. Some may even get upset and leave.

The intervention was first conceived at the library (Laboratory of Visual Art) in Pepper House during the residency in 2018. All the books and the media in the library was covered with newspaper in their set order. The newspaper became a potential medium and an indicator of time.

In its second edition in 2019, in the library at Goethe Institut, Delhi & Kolkata, the act further inquired the monotony of labour in the life of a daily wager. How some of us spend an entire life doing the same work every single day? Part of Five Million Incidents supported by the Goethe Institut and Raqs Media Collective, the intervention became a performative exercise where I along with a group of daily wagers covered the entire library collection.