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From October 2017 to March 2018, weekly art sessions were conducted with children from different settlements at Dilshad Garden, Delhi in collaboration with the Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) & Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA). These children from settlements in Saboli Khadda, Trilokpuri and Dilshad Garden were in the age group of 7-16 years old. Every Sunday the sessions were conducted at different venues like the Basti Vikas Kendra and MPM Office at Dilshad Garden, at the DDA Park to help the children learn more about themselves and their immediate environment. Besides providing a fun filled, colourful experience, these sessions were meant to provide a stimulus to their thinking and develop interpersonal skills. Through the activities they played with line, form, colour, texture etc; used different kinds of art stationery & other material to visually express themselves; read story books; visited nearby parks and exhibitions; met other artists/practitioners who visited them from time to time and conducted different activities with them. Certain activities were designed to encourage listening, comprehension and remembering. Some of the exercises subtly addressed gender stereotypes, non-inclusion/alienation (within the group) and learning difficulties (if any).   Exercises on who we are, what we see around us in the park, making a graphic novel and how big we are encourages the children to create and express without any pressure of doing it right-wrong or good-bad.

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