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The Anatomy of a Dot – one of the modules from the course For the Love of Art was tried out with 15 students from Grades 5 to 8 of Auxilium School, Carenzalem in Goa. The module explored the quintessential dot through Pointillism, polka in Pop, folk traditions like Gond and Australian Aboriginal and the use of ‘bindi’ by artist Bharti Kher. Centred around the idea of ‘My Goa’, the 5-day long workshop encouraged the young learners to think beyond the popular image of Goa commonly seen in picture postcards and the mass media. Bringing trivial details from their immediate surrounding transformed the children’s work. It started reflecting on their individual observation and understanding.  Part of the education program at Serendipity Arts, the workshop also provided an opportunity to interact with Goa-based artist Vishal Rawley about his community-based work around the creek at Camrabhat.

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