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Between 2016-2018, I have been part of modules like weekly art classes, a day at the museum and summer workshops for children at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. The museum being the site, these interactions provided the young learners and their educators/parents an opportunity to meaningfully engage with the permanent collection, travelling exhibitions, the library collection and the museum complex. With an interest in taking the art class beyond the art rooms, to be able to create an environment for children to delve into stories about artists, their lives and practices and to encourage appreciation and participation in public spaces like a museum, these sessions were designed and executed in diverse ways. They dealt with a range of topics especially from the museum collection & exhibitions. Several warm up exercises were designed to see, think and wonder about a particular work, reflect on its minute details, develop one’s own interpretation and understand the time period in which it was created. The interactions culminated in children creating an art work of their own. Addressed at nurturing the role of arts in education, these workshops have helped me gauge the learning interests and patterns of children from distinct age groups and diverse backgrounds. To make the museum space more interactive, I have tried to engage with the limitations of our public spaces through the different modules that I designed for these programs.

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