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‘ABOUT TURN: Is the female point of view essentially feminist?’ is an inquiry based, trans – disciplinary, process oriented approach to revisit the ideas around the notion of gender seen within the socio-cultural, political, psychological, pedagogical etc, through an aesthetic approach. It explores the anecdotal specific to one’s cultural & geographic identity and re-examines the canonical constructs of gender, feminism, femininity & so on. Like-minded in terms of the energy shared, we are a mixed bag of practitioners in terms of the distinct medium; geographical location/time zone; age group; individual approach towards the premise. We are friends, peers and colleagues who come together to try out some of our quirky ideas that may not easily fit into an exhibition in a commercial gallery or in a curated project. In that sense, it works like a lab where people try out different things. Some of it blossoms into intense inquiries while many of the ideas after living a short span leave midway giving birth to other novel ideas.

In its first year in 2015, ABOUTTURN project explored different ideas through workshops; community visits collecting imprints; open calls; conversations; site-specific engagements. The year-long engagement culminated into an exhibition titled “ABOUTTURN Is the female point of view essentially feminist?” at the Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Gurgaon Centre. It featured the final installations, participatory projects, performances & glimpses of the process throughout the year.

In its second edition, the project explored gender as a fluid idea despite of strict societal compartments and the character of in-between-ness it embodies. Looking at different kinds of in-betweens in our art practices and ways of being, the inquiry culminated in an interactive exhibition titled IN-BETWEEN at the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi. The project was supported by the Korean Cultural Centre under the Exhibition Proposal Contest, 2017.

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